Assignment: Say It Like the Peanut Butter

A humble first effort at the Say It Like the Peanut Butter assignment. This .gif attempts to capture a brief moment between Bob and Charlotte in Lost in Translation, my favorite film.

Lost in Translation

Introductions and Other Lies

I’m Red1 and this site is my adventure. In particular, this subdomain is my adventure into the great beyond DS 106, an open online course empowering folks with the digital skills to convey stories. Even more specific still, this post is my introduction into the community of the aforementioned course.

Not quite 30, in love with science, favorite colors are grey and orange2, right-handed, equally left- and right-brained, grad school zombie, and omelette maker extraordinaire. That’s me.

In future, I’m obliged to append my first Daily Create.3

  1. Why do they call me Red? Maybe it’s because I’m Irish. []
  2. This may be evident. []
  3. Promise I’ll do this. Swears on the precious. []